BillsRGone Case Study

Church of the Foothills in Santa Ana

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Decreasing costs, increasing fun


Church of the Foothills struggled with high electric bills. Even after energy efficient appliances, LED bulbs and rooftop solar panels were installed, only the electric usage went down.

The demand charges were still high.

When their organist arrived on Sunday mornings, he would walk into an extremely cold room and turn ON six different thermostats within five minutes.  The peak demand charge skyrocketed. Add in the Sunday school teachers and their thermostats, the adult classrooms and their thermostats and there is a major problem with too much demand at one time.



BillsRGone replaced the existing thirteen traditional thermostats with state-of-the- art WIFI enabled thermostats.

These thermostats talk to each other through our BillsRGone proprietary software algorithm, which continuously monitors the needs of the facility and coordinates when each thermostat turns ON to meet those needs.

Now, the organist arrives to a warm room in the winter and a cool room in the summer every time.




By coordinating when various heaters and/or air-conditioners are turned ON and OFF, demand charges were reduced.

2016 Total annual demand/customer charges: $10,189

2017 Projected annual demand/customer charges: $360

BillsRGone shares 1/3rd of the savings: $3,276

TOTAL NET SAVINGS = $6,603 Per Year
With No Up-Front Cost!