BillsRGone Case Studies

Dakshana Building in Irvine, CA

1220 Roosevelt Upstairs
1220 Roosevelt Exterior
1220 Roosevelt Downstairs
Optimizing energy, maintaining comfort


1220 Roosevelt is one of the many buildings in the Jeffery Office Park located in sunny Irvine, California.  The installation of solar panels brought down bills to as low as $30 a month.

However, due to the many air conditioners running simultaneously, peak demand charges rose causing the occupants of 1220 Roosevelt to move into a higher tier of billing. Bills surged from $30 to $600 each month!


BillsRGone replaced the existing four traditional thermostats with state-of-the- art WiFi-enabled thermostats.

These thermostats talk to each other through our BillsRGone proprietary software algorithms, which continuously monitor the needs of the facility and coordinates when each thermostat turns ON to meet those needs.

The occupants of 1220 Roosevelt were able to optimize air conditioning usage while keeping the temperature in their office just right!


By coordinating when various heaters and/or air-conditioners are turned ON and OFF, demand charges were reduced.

2016 Total annual energy charges: $7,200

2017 Projected annual demand/customer charges: $360

BillsRGone charges $300 each month

TOTAL NET SAVINGS = $3,600 Per Year
With No Up-Front Cost!