If you run a commercial building, your electricity bill is based off two factors: how much energy, measured in kilowatt hours, you use over a month, and also the peak amount of electricity you request at once, measured in kilowatts. If your peak demand is too high even just a few times in a month, your utilities company will charge you higher rates for all the electricity you use in a month.

BillsRGone is here to help you reduce your peak electricity demand. We install smart thermostats in your building, and use our custom software to coordinate which thermostats are on at once. With our help, you'll never have too many thermostats running, while still keeping your building at a comfortable temperature. We are ready to serve customers all over Orange County and Southern California and keep your demand charges low.


Case Study: Office

Summer in Southern California can get quite stuffy. Find out how the tenants of 1220 Roosevelt in Irvine were able to cut their energy bills in half while still keeping their cool!

Case Study: Church

In the Church of the Foothills, heavy usage of heating on Sunday mornings and air conditioning throughout the day caused demand charges to surge and bills to skyrocket, even after the installation of solar panels. See here how BillsRGone was able to combat this and provide savings close to 60%.

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Case Study: Retail

Coming soon.